Ladies Get Outside


Ladies Get Outside believes that the outdoors is needed for not only our physical health, but our mental health as well. We value the importance of expressing yourself through outdoor activities and finding like minded ladies while doing it.

Mental health is a big part of why Ladies Get Outside was started. Everyone has bad days and often struggles to find an outlet. The outdoors has a way of pushing your limits, making you humble and in tune with the world around you. It has a way of pushing you mentally and physically. Adventuring in the outdoors provides the motivation and persistence to overcome obstacles that might be bigger than the actual mountain in front of you. We have found that a lot of ladies are like us. Ladies who like to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and who need to relieve stress, anxiety, and negativity. More importantly, we found that the outdoors can make you feel less alone with communities like LGO.

We are moms, daughters, and sisters. We are hikers, climbers, and yogis. We are swimmers, surfers, and kayakers. We are runners, backpackers and mountain bikers. We are dog walkers, hammock hangers, and outdoor enthusiasts. We are beach, mountain, and backyard babes. We are Ladies Get Outside.

LGO's Founder:

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I’m Marissa and I live in Upstate NY. I founded LGO in March 2016 in hopes to inspire women to get outside and be apart of this community by telling their stories as well as finding ladies to enjoy the outdoors with. The outdoors is an escape from reality for me and has so many benefits for my mental and physical health, which I know a lot of people can agree with!

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