Ladies Get Outside


Events can be found in our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Keep in mind that most events are in the NY and VT area. 

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-These guidelines can vary depending on the event and location. 
- While park regulations may vary, LGO will allow 15 members to sign up for group hikes.
- These events are not guided. You are hiking at your own risk and must sign the liability forum (via link) before the event starts.
- When signing up using the link provided, it sometimes will ask you to confirm your email. Please do that, so you’re added to the list. (Check your junk folder)
- Marissa will make a post when all spots are filled and if any open up. 
-When spots open up, they are first come first serve based on the order of the comments.
- All friendly dogs are welcome, but please have a leash handy.
-We carry out what we carry in. 
- The 5 Minute Rule - We wait 5 minutes after the set time before we start the activity. If you're running late, you're more than welcome to catch up to us. Example: Group hike starts at 9am, we'll start hiking at 9:05am.
- If you signed up and are unable to attend, please let us know in our Facebook group.
- There will no longer be reminder emails for events. We'll be keeping everything in one place, which will be in the Facebook event.